Drakenspire Depths




For the first boss, you will have to divide your alliance in two. One group must only contain physical damage classes and the other one must be magical.

First group - Physical

You need a cleric and a chanter. The four other players must have physical damage. A templar is recommended.

Second group - Magical

You need three dispell in this group (three clerics, two clerics and a bard or a cleric and two bards). Why three? When you face Beritra, he will turn alliance members into enemy. The only way to dispell them is by using two multitarget dispell ([%skill:3938] or [%skill:4486]). One cleric must heal and the others must DPS. One of the DPS cleric need to change group in the fight against Beritra. If there is a bard, he ought to have [%skill:4486] and [%skill:4367]. The three last players must be magic DPS. An aethertech is recommended.


Here is a list of all consumables and minimum stats you need to have.


Beritra has higher stats than other 4.x bosses. For example, he has 1383 magic suppression and roughly 900 strike resist.

All values below are based on discussion on the korean board. I'll change them once real tests are done.
Also, don't forget that you must reach these values whith your buffs and those of your allies. For example, a bard increases the alliance magical accuracy by 100 for 30s every 30s with [%skill:4252]. As for the aethertech, he decreases the magic suppression of the boss by 500 for 14s every 16s with [%skill:2787].



It is SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT to activate the skill effects in the graphic option !!!



Magma spirits

Element : Fire and water

Lava Protector's skills

Heatvent Protector's skills


Advance until the second crossroad. You need to divide your alliance in two. The physical group must turn right and the magical group must take the left turn. Why? The female magma spirit will permanently silence you and the male one will bind you. This debuff can't be removed. So, don't take the wrong turn! Use [%skill:1810] and [%skill:4469] and run to the boss without worrying about mobs on the way.

Stay behind the boss to avoid frontal attack. When adds spawn, the physical group must kill them as fast as possible and the magical group must fear, mez or root them. If you aren't fast enough, they will heal the boss. You must also dispell DoT quickly. Help your cleric by using [%item:162000023] or [%item:162000107]. When the boss uses [%skillname:21645], clerics must heal their group fast. The chanter can use [%skill:1834] for the first [%skillname:21645] and [%skill:1813] for the second one. Chanters and bards can DPS until the boss has only 20% HP left but must assist heal after that. Also, always keep an eye on the other boss because you must kill them with a gap of 15s. If you don't kill them in less than 5 minutes, guards will spawn to help you. If they do, no hard mode for you :/


Further ahead, there is a gatekeeper and many undead. There are also some skeletons in hiding. If you aren't careful, you can pull them all at once and end up dying. Advance little by little and kill all the skeletons and drakies. Next, pull the gatekeeper. He can fear you in the mobs so be careful. After that, you can clean either the right side or the left one.

Once you've cleared the path, open a door. Behind it, there is a spider and some little bugs protecting eggs. You only have to hit eggs to make them explode and kill mobs around them. Clean all mobs before attacking the spider.

After killing the spider, the main tank runs to Orissan with clerics and chanters. Other alliance members can either go down with them or stay up there. Once again, don't worry about mobs. When the tank go down, they will reset.


Element : Water


Mutiple form

Your next fight is against Orissan. This boss will constantly switch between a vulnerable and invulnerable form. Each time it changes form, its HP will reset. If you don't kill it the second time it's vulnerable, say goodbye to the hard mode.

Here is the timer for each of its form :


Each time Orissan casts [%skillname:21646], position yourself depending on the blue lights on the floor.

First possibility

Four ice sheets spawn on the middle of the platform. Circle them so you don't take unnecessary damage and position yourself at 7 o'clock to avoid the next attack. The person who has Orissan aggro must place it at 12 o'clock and wait for the servants before moving.

After a few seconds, servants replace ice sheets. Orissan selects one of them and sends [%skillname:21637]. This destroys the selected servant. Each time a servant is selected, there is a backfire with an angle of 120° (lighter blue on the schema). Orissan doesn't destroy them in a given order. To know which servant is next, check the direction the boss is facing.

After the last backfire, return to your position.

Second possibility

Orissan never uses this possibility when it is vulnerable. So, you won't see it before his first vulnerable form. Multiple ice sheets spawn everywhere on the platform. After a few seconds, mines replace them. Destroy the nearest mines and let others explode.

Don't worry, Orissan always uses the first possibility then the second one. It never does the same attack twice. You always know what to expect next.


The strategy to kill this boss is the most difficult one. Basically, the tank must place Orissan at 12 o'clock and clerics between 10 and 11 o'clock. If other alliance members went down, they must stay at 7 o'clock and save their strength. Depending on the DPS of your alliance, you can either attack Orissan at the first vulnerable form or the second one.

Position yourself quickly when the boss casts [%skillname:21646]. If you are under the effect of an aether hold, use [%skill:283] cleverly. After 2 minutes, Orissan will use [%skillname:21640], a shield reflecting three times the damage received. Stop DPSing immediately. If you have a spiritmaster in your alliance, he can debuff it. Else, wait 5s before attacking it again.

Protect the lady!

Once you've killed Orissan, take the wind stream. At the end of the stream, a NPC is waiting. You have to defend her otherwise the siege weapon will be destroyed. In easy mode, you immediately face Commander Vritsha. Else, wave of mobs will spawn and attack you (3 in normal mode, 5 in hard mode). The chanter must buff every NPC. Also, keep as many NPC as possible alive because each NPC saved increases the allocated time for Berira by 15s.

It's rather easy to take care of these waves. You must just be careful of the sorcerer in the second wave who sleeps alliance members and the cleric in the fourth one. When the fifth wave's boss spawns, the templar needs to immediately move him away from NPC so the commander doesn't kill them with his AoE.

Last boss - Beritra

Element : Earth


Easy mode

Beritra will remain in human form till the end. It's an easy fight. All you have to do is DPS him and avoid the attacks mentionned above. Occasionaly, adds will spawn. Take care of them.

Hard mode

When you enter the room, the main tank (glad or sin) must place the boss in the back of the room. Clerics in his group must follow him. DPS must jump over the barrier.

Beritra has three buffs on him. To remove them, someone must kill a seal guardian. Once the guardian is killed, the player who killed it will glow. Within 15 seconds, he must position himself next to Beritra and wait to explode. Each time the explosion inflicts 20 000 damage. So, it is better to have a maximum of HPso you don't die each time you explode. After the three buffs have been removed, Beritra will transform into his dragon form and paralyse your alliance for a few seconds.

Once he is in dragon form, you have 8 minutes to defeat Beritra plus the additional time due to the previous phase. If you don't defeat it within this time, it will just disappear and you will not get a single reward.

the magical group position itself under Beritra's left claws and the physical group under the right claws. If you position yourself correctly, you will receive as little damage as possile. Beritra always starts the fight in the same way. It uses [%skillname:21617], 3 [%skillname:21613] puis 3 [%skillname:21615]. One minute having elapsed since the start of the fight, Beritra will use [%skillname:21618]. This will summon seal guardian. The magical group must jump over the left barrier and the physical group must jump over the right barrier. Kill the seal guardian if it is on your side and go back to your previous position. The kamikaze must explode between the two groups so he doesn't hurt his allies. From now on, a seal guardian will spawn every 2 minutes after the seal explosion. So, once the kamikaze's buff explodes, start a timer. Not before, not after.

Beritra will soon cast [%skillname:21619]. Green adds will spawn every 30s. The templar needs to kyte them before jumping over the barrier and moving away from them. After 20s, they explode and put a DoT which reduces heals received on everyone near them. After the second seal guardian, 10s after green adds spawn, purple adds spawn. They also explode after 20s. At the third seal guardian, blue adds spawn 10s after purple adds.

Chronology of the dragon form