Poeta[lv2] The Kerubim Threat
[lv3] Kalio's Call
[lv3] Request of the Elim
[lv5] Illegal Logging
[lv5] Neutralizing Odium
[lv6] Barring the Gate
Ascension Quests[lv9] Ascension
[lv10] A Ceremony in Sanctum
Verteron[lv10] Orders from the Verteron Citadel
[lv11] Getting rid of floating objects in the Verteron Citadel
[lv14] Concern in the Tolbas Forest
[lv15] Prevent the purification of Odium
[lv20] Conspiracy of the Tursin Krall
[lv20] Deeply rooted thirst for vengeance
[lv20] Driving Power
Sanctum[lv20] A Sliver of Darkness
Eltnen[lv21] Orders from the Eltnen Fortress
[lv22] Cursed Manduri
[lv27] Delegate of the Alabaster Order
[lv28] Information obtained by chance
[lv29] The Riddle of the Underground Temple
[lv35] Crisis looming in Eltnen
[lv35] The Eltnen Invasion
Abyss Entry Quest[lv25] Testing Flight Skills
[lv25] Testing Your Mettle
[lv25] The Abyss Quiz
[lv25] Deliver on Your Promises
Reshanta[lv25] Orders from Reshanta
[lv25] Basic knowledge about the Abyss
[lv25] Mission to free the captives
[lv25] Learning the Balaur language
[lv26] Fragment of Remembrance 1
[lv32] Wings of rumours
[lv33] Fragment of Remembrance 2
[lv35] Fragment of Remembrance 3
Heiron[lv36] Orders from the New Heiron Gate
[lv36] Gathering root samples
[lv41] Eternal silence
[lv43] A new threat
[lv44] The Battle of Nutemagna
Truth revealed[lv50] Regained Memory
[lv50] Prevent the attack on Atreia
Inggison[lv50] Inggison Reinforcements
[lv51] The Secret of Taloc
[lv52] The Petrification
[lv53] The Secret of the Underground Temple
[lv54] Attack Preparations
Signia[lv55] Information Officer Nuves
[lv56] Mysterious Ruins
[lv57] Sample Gathering
[lv58] The Runeseal Stones
[lv60] Tiamat's Secret
[lv61] In Search of Beritra
[lv62] The Invasion Corridor
[lv64] Support
[lv65] Taking Arms
Portent of Chaos[lv65] Ominous Memories
[lv65] Premonition of War
Abyssal Wind[lv65] Aiding General Giscours
하이데바[lv65] 잃어버린 기억
[lv65] 다시 찾은 기억
지식의 아티팩트[lv66] 제1 서고를 지키는 수호자
[lv66] 제2 서고를 지키는 수호자
[lv66] 제3 서고를 지키는 수호자
[lv66] 근원의 기록을 지키는 수호자


Ishalgen[lv3] Order of the Captain
[lv3] Thinking Ahead
[lv3] Where's Rae?
[lv4] Treasure of the Deceased
[lv4] A Charmed Cube
[lv6] Teaching a Lesson
[lv6] Hit Them Where it Hurts
[lv6] Where's Rae This Time?
Ascension Quests[lv1] Asmodian Quest
[lv9] Ascension
[lv9] A Ceremony in Pandaemonium
Altgard[lv10] Brigade General Suthran's Orders
[lv11] Getting rid of floating objects in the Altgard Fortress
[lv12] MuMu Farmland Inspector
[lv14] Tougher measures
[lv20] The Conspiracy of the Black Claw Tribe
[lv20] Reveal the Intrigue of the Mau
[lv20] Impending Danger
Pandaemonium[lv20] No Escaping Destiny
Morheim[lv21] Brigade General Aegir's Orders
[lv27] Ceremony of the Salt Flats
[lv28] Shadow of the Ice Claw Tribe
[lv29] To the Fire Temple
[lv35] Improving the relationship with Hreidmar
[lv35] The Crisis of Morheim
[lv35] Thwarting the Morheim Invasion
Abyss Entry Quest[lv25] Honing Your Skills
[lv25] Abyss General Knowledge
[lv25] Following Through
[lv25] The Last Checkpoint
Reshanta[lv25] The Incantation of Governor Votan
[lv25] Abyss Training
[lv25] Free the prisoner
[lv25] Learn the Balaur language
[lv26] Prophecy of Ancient Times
[lv33] Test flight
[lv33] The Incantation of the Tribunal
Beluslan[lv36] Brigade General Nerita's Orders
[lv36] Investigate the father's disappearance
[lv41] Icy Kurngalfberg
[lv42] Hoarfrost and Red Mane
[lv44] The Crisis of Beluslan
Conflict of Destiny[lv50] Fateful duel
[lv50] Prevent the Beritra Army's attack
Gelkmaros[lv50] Support in Gelkmaros
[lv51] The Aether Generator
[lv52] Destroying the Device Parts
[lv53] Rescuing the Reians
[lv54] Attack Preparations
Vengar[lv55] The Vengar Expedition Troop
[lv56] Investigating the Fragments
[lv57] Vengar's Secrets
[lv58] Aetheric Field Stones
[lv60] Tiamat's Wrongdoing
[lv61] Ancient Crystal
[lv62] A Puzzling Battle
[lv64] New Discoveries
[lv65] A Bloody Battle with Beritra
Prelude of Chaos[lv65] Ominous Dreams
[lv65] The Calm Before the Storm
Abyssal Wind[lv65] Pontekane's Plight
하이데바[lv65] 잃어버린 운명
[lv65] 다시 찾은 운명
지식의 아티팩트[lv66] 제1 서고를 지키는 수호병
[lv66] 제2 서고를 지키는 수호병
[lv66] 제3 서고를 지키는 수호병
[lv66] 근원의 기록을 지키는 응징자